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    1. What personal data do we collect from visitors who visit our blog or website?
    2. As part of the ordering and registration process, we may require you to provide us with your name, email address, mailing address, phone number, or other essential details for a more authentic experience

    3. At what point do we collect information?
    4. Whenever you visit our website, use Live Chat, or provide information on our site, we will collect it from you.

    5. How do we use your information?
    6. We use the information collected from you when registering, making a purchase, or visiting our website for several reasons: to improve it and better serve you; administer contests, promotions, or surveys; send emails about your order and other services we offer; as well as follow up with any inquiries made by live Chat, email or phone.

    7. What security measures are in place to protect your data?
    8. We’ll leverage the information we collect from you as a result of registering, making purchases, browsing our website, or using certain features in any one (or all) of the following ways:

      • We utilize regular malware scanning to protect our website in lieu of vulnerability and PCI standards. We don’t store any sensitive information on our site, so there’s no need for an SSL certificate. Our cookies are used to improve user experience by saving preferences for future visits and collecting anonymous analytics data about how users interact with the site that could be utilized to enhance it in the future. Additionally, trusted third-party services may also track this data on our behalf.

      • You can opt to have your computer notify you each time a cookie is transmitted or, if desired, turn off cookies entirely. To do so, access the browser settings on your device and adjust accordingly. Every browser operates differently, so take some time to investigate the Help Menu for guidance on how best to modify cookie accessibility.

      • Disabling cookies on your browser may impede some of the features that make for a better user experience and will stop them from functioning correctly. Therefore, we recommend leaving cookies enabled to enjoy all features available on our website.

    9. Does our website allow third parties to monitor user activity and behaviour?
    10. It’s noteworthy that we welcome third-party behavioural tracking.

      Fair Information Practices

      The Fair Information Practices Principles are the foundational framework of data privacy law and have considerably influenced similar legislation across the globe. To ensure compliance with all relevant laws regarding personal information protection, it is critical to understand how these principles must be implemented. Should any breach occur, we will take prompt action by sending an email informing you of our response measures within seven business days.

      Additionally, we fully subscribe to the Individual Redress Principle, which states that people have the right to take legal action if a data collector or processor goes against established laws.

      This rule mandates that individuals can demand their rights against data handlers and have access to government agencies or courts for them to investigate or seek justice when the processor does not adhere.

      By collecting your email, we can provide you with the necessary information and updates to ensure that all of your inquiries or requests are responded to promptly.