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    Self diagnosis and medication does more harm than good.

    Because of the fear of the Dentist, we end up “Googling” our symptoms and trying out suggestions laid out in a very generic form. More often than not, this may give symptomatic relief to the problem without treating the underlying cause.

    We highly recommend everyone to please consult a Professional Dental Surgeon in case they have any tooth or gum related problems and refrain from using over the counter ointments, gels and even pain killers. A temporary symptomatic remission does not mean that the problem has been taken care of.

    Unless the root cause has been eliminated, it will definitely make a come back in a more severe form.

    Usually, what could be treated with a minor procedure will end up needing a much more advanced treatment if it has been allowed to grow.

    As we always say, Dentistry is Not Expensive, Delay is. Recommendation : Routine dental check up once in 6 to 8 months.