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    Esthetic fillings

    In very basic terms, a tooth has three major components. The outermost enamel, the intermediate dentin and the innermost pulp.

    The nerves and blood vessels are present within the pulpal space.

    When a cavity or fracture happens on a tooth, and the depth is limited to the enamel or dentin, then it can rehabilitated back to its original form and function by a simple restoration or filling.

    • In today’s day and age with all the advancement in the medical fields, such restorations can be made in such a manner that it is almost impossible to differentiate them from the original. Such fillings are done using Composite resin materials which bond to the tooth structure micro- mechanically.
    • These restorations in simple terms are called esthetic fillings.
    • In some situations when the depth of the cavity is such that it is very close to the pulp chamber but not directly involving it, then a pulp protective layer may need to be used which helps prevent further progression of the carious decay process. Before the advent of high strength composite resin materials which could be used successfully to restore posterior teeth, that is the molars and pre-molars silver-amalgam alloy was used.
    • However, these were made using Mercury and a silver powder. Though there isn’t enough scientific documentation supporting damage due to the presence of mercury, this material is very quickly losing preference as it is very unsightly and not-tooth like in appearance.
    • To add to its disadvantages, this material does not bond to the tooth structure and so is very prone to secondary caries, unsupported enamel fracture and resultant failure.
    • We at Orocare Dental Clinic run a “mercury-free” practice for the last 20 plus years, and have a phenomenal long term success rate with “Tooth coloured Esthetic Restorations”.