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    Post – surgical instructions

    Usually after a dental extraction, a patient is advised to refrain from : Talking, Spitting or consuming hot food or fluids for the next 24 hours. If recommended, an ice pack can be used extra orally, or cold drinking water can be held in the mouth, duration should be as recommended by the dentist.

    In case there is a slight swelling, you can expect it to resolve gradually after 72 hours, however, any aggravated swelling, bruising or pain should be brought to your Dentists’ attention immediately.

    Usually, one can resume normal diet and speech after 24 hours. A medicated mouth wash or luke warm water with a pinch of salt can be used to rinse the mouth thoroughly after every meal, in order to keep the extraction site clean.

    You must brush your teeth regularly, even after extractions, to prevent build up of plaque and help healing. However, be extra cautious in the area of the extraction so that you don’t end up causing injury to the site with your brush.