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    Pre procedural assessment

    A dentist carefully examines the tooth or teeth in question on the day of the consultation. If there is an active infection, tenderness on percussion or a visible swelling in the concerned area, the dentist will likely prescribe antibiotics to control the grade of the infection before proceeding with the extraction.

    Pre surgical assessment may also require Radiographs (X-Rays) commonly ranging from Intra Oral Peri Apical Radiographs, which is good for 3 to 4 adjacent teeth or Ortho Pantomagrams, which allows a dentist to radiographically view both the jaws and full complements of teeth. Complicated extractions may also require the help of advanced imaging techniques, such a a Cone Beam CT scan, which allows the dental surgeon to visualise the situation 3 dimensionally to achieve a more predictable surgical outcome.

    In some rare instances, a dental surgeon might recommend a skin test for the Local Anaesthetic agent prior to surgery as well if there is a suspicion that someone might have an allergic tendency.