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    Routine systemic medications and dental extractions

    Make sure you inform your Dentist about all the medications you take on a routine basis for other ailments (for example, medicines for regulating your Blood Pressure levels, Blood Sugar Levels, Cholesterol levels, Thyroid levels, Anti – depressants, Inhalers etc. Any allergies to any specific medications that you have.

    All blood work done in the recent past. Any history of hospitalisation is also extremely important information that should definitely be provided to the Dentist.

    Blood thinners have a direct co-relation with dental extractions. Whether you should stop the same prior to extractions or not is to be decided by your concerned Cardiologist, General Physician and concerned Dental Surgeon.

    Your dentist might advice some additional blood investigations prior to extractions if deemed necessary.

    Almost always stitches are given on the extraction site to prevent any uncalled for emergencies. They are moved after 7 – 10 days, and is an absolutely painless procedure.

    Normally after a third molar surgery a patient is advised not to bend over and lift heavy objects, spit forcibly, smoke, drink anything with a straw or use the side of the surgery for chewing.