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    Wisdom tooth surgery, or third molar extractions

    These are usually more complicated as compared to routine extractions. However, they are also commonly done under Local Anaesthesia in the dental clinic set up itself, very rarely do we advice our patients to get third molar surgeries done under general anaesthesia.

    Third molars usually attempt to erupt after the age of 18 years. Erupting third molars are usually associated with pain and swelling. This commonly happens if there is not enough space to accommodate the tooth. Depending on the orientation of the third molar, the difficulty of the surgery is assessed.

    In order to properly understand and evaluate the position of the tooth pre operatively, radiographic assessment is of utmost importance. We regularly prescribe Intra Oral X-Rays, OPGs and occasionally CBCTs.

    • Usually post operatively one can expect some degree of swelling and discomfort. The post surgical oedema brings in a lot of cells required for healing of the affected area, hence the swelling. This swelling is expected to start resolving after 72 hours. Medications are usually given to assist resolution of the surgical oedema.
    • Post – operatively third molar surgeries are also associated with difficulty in mouth opening, “Trismus” and some amount of pain in the neck region which aggravates on swallowing. These also resolve gradually with adequate appropriate medications. Muscle relaxants and physiotherapy help in quick recovery of the Trismus.